Shenyang Dongguan Power Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as DG) is wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongguan group, mainly engaged in research and development, design, manufacturing of piping, pipe fittings, pressure vessels, boilers and modular prefaionbrication. The products are mainly applied in the thermal power station, nuclear power station, petro-chemical industry, natural gas project etc. DG is one of the few domestic suppliers mastering the modular prefabrication technology of both thermal power and nuclear power piping system.

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Management Innovation
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    ◆ adopts the external culture way, two-way developmentpersonnel, by increasing their business school E-learninginput mode, set up corporate university model, construct the occupation career lifelong training mechanism,strengthen the occupation training, planning and coordination, focus on cultivating talents of innovation capability, optimizing various occupation training resources,formulate a scientific, standardized occupation training quality evaluation and supervision measures, and improve the quality of evaluation and supervision mechanism. Allow employees to form active, continuous learning atmosphere,

EMBA education

     ◆ currently the senior management of the company has been accepted, the Yangtze River Business School of Tsinghua University and other colleges and universities on the EMBA program, and other professionaleducation plan gradually extended to the middle level cadres and backbone young; and at the same time to increase international talent view, self-confidence and means, the spirit of "looking for the right person, on car, do the right thing" and "to find the best people beyond thesuccess" two major principles, establish people, using and retaining the long-term and effective mechanism, to meet and adapt to the requirements of company scale, business,management and technology level of human resources,


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