Shenyang Dongguan Power Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as DG) is wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongguan group, mainly engaged in research and development, design, manufacturing of piping, pipe fittings, pressure vessels, boilers and modular prefaionbrication. The products are mainly applied in the thermal power station, nuclear power station, petro-chemical industry, natural gas project etc. DG is one of the few domestic suppliers mastering the modular prefabrication technology of both thermal power and nuclear power piping system.

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Service Tenet
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DG adhere the concept of integrity, profession, high quality and high efficiency, positively participating in the market competition in home and abroad, providing all-around service for customers, and establish a good brand image in the industry and customers, winning the trusts and respects of the customers. 
DG will found a state first class and world-famous equipment manufacturing enterprise with more firm steps, the sense of urgency that time waits for no man and the sense of mission that nobody can achieve it, making more customers enjoy the benefits of advancement technology.

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